Report from the British Library’s Chief Executive

I am delighted to introduce to members of the American Trust our new Chairman of the British Library Board, Sir Colin Lucas. He succeeds Lord Eatwell who recently completed his five-year term as Chairman.

Sir Colin recently stepped down as Vice Chancellor of Oxford University and is now Warden of Rhodes House and chief executive of the Rhodes Trust, the charitable organization responsible for bringing some of the world’s finest scholars to Oxford. During his seven years as Vice-Chancellor, Sir Colin led the modernization of the University and saw it ranked fifth in the world, outranked only by four leading U.S. institutions.

Sir Colin began his academic career at the universities of Sheffield and Manchester. He served initially at Oxford as a fellow and tutor in Modern History at Balliol College. At the University of Chicago in the early 1990s he was chairman of the History Department and dean of the Social Sciences division. In 1994 he returned to Oxford as Master of Balliol. He is a specialist in the history of 18th-century France, principally the French Revolution.

I very much look forward to working with Sir Colin in this exciting and demanding time for the Library.

I also wish to thank all members of the American Trust who have helped us realize a number of major initiatives including the conservation of the Codex Sinaiticus; completion of certain components of the new Conservation Centre; and the introduction of bursaries to train and support the next generation of sound archivists in the BL’s Sound Archive.
Dame Lynne Brindley
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