Princeton University Symposium on Dunhuang Manuscripts and Paintings

Five leading international scholars working on Buddhist art and texts presented recent research in a public forum last September at Princeton University.

The speakers – FAN Jinshi, Director, Dunhuang Research Academy; Jean-Pierre Drege , Professor, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes; Susan Whitfield, Director, International Dunhuang Project, British Library; Jacob P. Dalton, Professor, Yale University; and CHEN Huaiyu, Professor, University of the West – presented papers on recent advances in the conservation and study of wallpaintings, the history of the Chinese book, advances in digital technology; and web resources for the study of Silk Road materials.

The International Dunhuang Project was established in 1994 at the British Library to coordinate an international collaboration to conserve, catalogue, digitize and research the archeological legacy of the Eastern Silk Road, especially the materials found in the more than five hundred caves containing rare early manuscripts of all of the great Buddhist sutras.  The symposium at Princeton helped honor more than sixty years of contributions in the field by James and Lucy Lo who took the first photographs of these materials.

IDP head Susan Whitfield, who is digitizing some of Princeton’s Dunhuang holdings, acknowledged the ATBL for its support of the project.  ATBL Trustee Dodie Armstrong and Chairman’s Council member Maie-Lee Chen attended the reception and dinner at which Lucy Lo spoke.

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