Recent Bequests to The American Trust

Christoph Endowment

The American Trust was the beneficiary of an endowment bequest from Albert Claude Christoph III of Detroit, Michigan for the purpose of the acquisition, maintenance and conservation of materials relating to Free Masonry and similar organizations.

Mr. Christoph was first exposed to Masonic influences in the Boy Scouts through the “Order of the Arrow” which was founded by Masons in 1916 and drew on some of the Masonic ceremonies.He traveled to England once a year for a “Wood Badge” reunion and used the British Library extensively for his wide interests and detailed knowledge.Through Mr. Christoph’s generosity, the BL will benefit annually with support for the care and collections of this material.  The ATBL would like to acknowledge the help it received with this bequest from the trustees of his estate, especially James R. Keller, Esq.

Shaheen Gift

Mr. Naseeb Shaheen was a Professor of English at the University of Memphis where he taught Shakespeare, Literature of the English Renaissance, and The Bible as Literature.  He was an internationally known authority on Shakespeare, having published five books on biblical references in Shakespeare and Spenser.  His collection of pre-King James English Bibles was one of the largest in the world.

Professor Shaheen left money to the ATBL because “the kindness and helpfulness of the British Library in London whenever I go there to do research is extraordinary.”  He also bequeathed to the British Library “the 1565 Folio edition of Beza’s Greek-Latin New Testament, Darlow & Moule catalog number 4629, and which is #296 on my master list of the Bibles and books in my collection.  The British Library in London does not have this volume, and it is one of the more valuable volumes in my collection.  It is the edition princeps of that edition of the Bible.”

The American Trust is grateful to both Mr. Christoph and Professor Shaheen who have benefited from the great resources of the British Library and wanted to give something back to future researchers.  Please consider a similar gift as you do your estate planning.

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