Robert Darnton on The Future of Books

Robert Darnton Gives Fifth Breslauer Lecture at the Grolier Club

Robert Darnton

Robert Darnton

Robert Darnton, Carl H. Pforzheimer University Professor and Director of the University Library at Harvard, gave the Fifth Annual Bernard Breslauer lecture at the Grolier Club in New York City on Mary 20th.

Bernard H. Breslauer was a distinguished book dealer, collector and longtime supporter of the British Library.  For many years he served on the Advisory Council of the American Trust.  As a token of his esteem for the Library, he bequeathed a magnificent sum of money to the American Trust for the conservation and acquisition of rare books.  The lecture series was named in his honor.

The title of Professor Darnton’s talk was “The History of Books and the Digital Future”, an intriguing and highly relevant topic, especially for libraries and librarians.  Excerpts from his talk appear in this newsletter and the entire talk will be printed as part of the Breslauer lecture series available for sale to ATBL and Grolier Club members.

Read Excerpts from Lecture

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