Guided Tour of Jewish Museum Exhibit

Jewish Museum Visitors

Members at Jewish Museum: Dyke Benjamin, Lucy Adams, Caroline Rubinstein, Elizabeth Brown, Ralph Brown, David Wachtel, Phillip Winegar, David Redden, William Ginsberg, Jeannette Redden.

On January 29 of 2013, David Wachtel, who curated the Three Faiths exhibit at the New York Public Library, guided ATBL members through Crossing Borders:  Manuscripts from the Bodleian Libraries at the Jewish Museum last January.

Mr. Wachtel is currently Senior Consultant for Judaica at Sotheby’s Books and Manuscripts Department and Senior  Consultant, Special  Collections, The Library of The Jewish Theological Seminary. For those who missed the exhibit, which closed February 3rd, the Jewish Museum has online images of these magnificent manuscripts.

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