ATBL Fall Lectures

Susan Whitfieldd

Susan Whitfieldd

ATBL was delighted to welcome Dr. Susan Whitfield, Director, International Dunhuang Project, based at the British Library, to lecture at the Cosmopolitan Club in September on Early Visitors to Dunhuang, 1920 to 1960.  Through photos, journals
and personal experiences, Dr. Whitfield entranced guests with stories of European visitors to the caves at Dunhuang.  The lecture drew a large crowd, with many first time guests, who had the chance to meet Dr. Whitfield and get to know more about the ATBL’s support of the IDP and the British Library.

 Sarah Thomas, Lecturer of the Bernard H. Breslauer Lecture VII, spoke at the Grolier Club in November on “Transatlantic Perlustrations: Observations on Two Great Libraries, the Bodleian and the Harvard Library.”  Many audience members knew Sarah when she was either University Librarian at Cornell; as a cataloguer in Widener Library, Harvard; or at the Bodleian, before returning as current Vice President of the Harvard Library.  Ms. Thomas is the first American and first woman to hold the title of Bodley’s Librarian in 400 years.  She was gracious enough to host the ATBL

Sarah Thomas

President David Reddin with Sarah Thomas

Chairman’s Council trip to Oxford in 2010.

Ms. Thomas told the tale of her unlikely journey from a Massachusetts mill town to these temples of learning, pausing along the way to savor (savour) the pleasurable encounters with fabled book collectors and uncommon readers.  After a lively lecture and Q & A, guests were able to meet and greet Ms. Thomas at a reception in the Grolier Club Library.

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