An ATBL Grant to Support the British Library’s Wikimedian in Residence 

Left: British Library “Wikimedian in Residence” Dr. Lucy Hinnie, at a Wikithon event held in Leeds Central Library in November 2021 as part of the Thought Bubble Comics Festival in Yorkshire, UK (CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons).

Right: Wikimedia+Libraries International Convention 2022 group photo, July 2022, Maynooth University, Ireland (CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons).


Crowdsourced knowledge-sharing takes new forms with the ATBL’s support for Dr. Lucy Hinnie, the British Library’s “Wikimedian in Residence.” Dr. Hinnie’s work from March to August 2022 collaborated across Library departments and with external partners. Some of the projects completed during her tenure thus far expanded the reach of items for which ATBL previously provided grant funding. ATBL’s 2021 grants included catalogue support for the Lord Chamberlain’s Plays, and Dr. Hinnie extends this work through an extensive metadata indexing project with Wikibase, as well as coordinating multiple online and in-person Wikithons focused on the representation of women and Black history in the Plays’ collection. In addition, Dr. Hinnie’s activities supported the International Dunhuang Project, for which ATBL has provided grant support going back at least to 2006. With work that included training and mentorship of a digital humanities student and the upload of the Lotus Sutras from the Stein Collection to Wikimedia Commons, Dr. Hinnie found new ways to promote the activities of this initiative. In June, she provided Wikimedia Commons guidelines for capturing personal photos recording Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Dr. Hinnie’s contributions to the Library have also included international Wikimedian networking, presentations on how digital presence aligns underrepresented collections with decolonization efforts, and implementation of an Indigenous Librarianship Reading Group with the Eccles Centre. Ultimately, with ATBL support, Dr. Hinnie, as Wikimedian in Residence, has helped the Library’s holdings reach new and wider audiences with the goals of equity and inclusion in mind. 

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