We wish to thank our recent ATBL donors. We are grateful for your support. 


Chairman’s Council ($5,000+) 

Ms. Katherine Ashton and Mr. Brian D. Young 

Mr. R. Dyke Benjamin 

Ms. Nancy K. Boehm 

Elizabeth A.R. and Ralph S. Brown, Jr.  

Ms. Lauren Cramer 

Mr. Simon Eccles 

Dr. Peter N. Heydon 

Ms. Evalyn Lee 

Mr. Robert McCarthy 

Mr. Howard Phipps, Jr. 

Mr. David N. Redden 

Ms. Ruth E. Robinson 

Dr. Barbara A. Shailor 

Ms. Felicia Shapiro 

Ms. Merle Shapiro 

Mr. James P. Spica 

Ms. Susan Jaffe Tane 

Ms. Gwendolyn van Paasschen 

Ms. Christine Zuromskis 


President’s Circle ($2,500+) 

Ms. Dana Clay 

Ms. Davida T. Deutsch 

Ms. Judith Ogden Thomson 


Patron ($1,500+) 

Ms. Virginia Barbato 

Mr. Robert S. Birch 

Ms. Joan M. Friedman 

Prof. Sumit Guha 

Ms. Cheryl Hurley 

Mr. Jon A. Lindseth 

Ms. Tessa Smith 

Mr. Justin Zaremby 


Benefactor ($500+) 

Dr. Martine Brownley 

Mr. William T. Buice, III 

Dr. Raymond J. Cormier, Sr. 

Dr. Martha W. Driver 

Ms. Elizabeth Eustis 

Ms. Patricia Klingenstein 

Ms. Carol Mon Lee (in memory of Jerry Bentley) 

Mr. Michael Leslie 

Ms. Elizabeth Opie Michell 

Dr. Andrew T. Nadell and Mrs. Eleanore Ramsey Nadell 

Mrs. Beppy Owen 

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Picchi 

Ms. Lynda Richards 

Ms. Mary Coxe Schlosser 

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Scott 

Mr. William P. Stoneman 

Mrs. Szilvia Szmuk-Tanenbaum 

Mr. Winston Tabb 

Dr. David J. Wolf 


Library Fellow ($250+) 

Ms. Seana E. Anderson 

Mr. Ronald Atkins 

Dr. and Mrs. John T. Benjamin 

Mr. Thomas B. Benjamin and Ms. Judy Bennett 

Mr. Thomas S. Benjamin and Ms. Jessica Wilcox 

Mr. Donald Best 

Mr. Charles Blair 

Prof. Robert DeMaria, Jr.  

Dr. Elizabeth Denlinger 

Mr. and Mrs. John Entwistle 

Mr. Bradford Fletcher and Ms. A. Leslie Harris 

Mr. Stephen Foster 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert W. Gullquist 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Howard 

Prof. Nien-hê Hsieh 

Ms. Josephine Lea Iselin 

Ms. Gayle Kirkpatrick 

Dr. Janet Loengard 

Mr. Glen S. Miranker 

Mr. Robert Randolph Newlen and Mr. John Bradford 

Dr. Eric Nye 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Oedel 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Ondricek 

Dr. Molly and Mr. Christopher Patterson 

Mr. Ken Rendell 

Mr. Mark Samuels Lasner 

Mr. David Alan Richards 

Mr. Max Rudin 

Ms. Caroline Schimmel 

Dr. Alice Schreyer 

Mr. and Mrs. E. Ward Smith 

Mr. David Solo 

Mr. and Mrs. David Stam 

Ms. Siew Thye Stinson 

Mr. John Windle and Ms. Chris Loker 

Mr. Rob Zanger 


Associate ($125+) 

Mr. Peter X. Accardo 

Roberta Allen 

Ms. Susan Anthony 

Ms. Lisa Unger Baskin 

Mr. Ronald E. Berenbeim 

Mr. John Bidwell 

Mr. Martin J. Camargo 

Dr. Christian Dupont 

Dr. Consuelo Dutschke 

Dr. Joyce E. East 

Ms. Angela Emmerson 

Dr. Paul J. Erickson 

Ms. Ingrid Gordon 

Ms. Kathryn G. Hansen 

Dr. Dana Harrington 

Mrs. Heidi Herz 

Ms. Claire Hill 

Prof. Anne Humpherys 

Mr. Joseph Loewenstein and Ms. Lynne Tatlock 

Mr. Ronald A. Margulis 

Mr. Stephen C. Massey 

Prof. J. Sears McGee 

Mr. Martin Meisel 

Dr. Linda E. Olds 

Dr. Mary Parker 

Ms. Eleanor Paskalides 

Dr. Robert C. Ritchie 

Ms. Katherine Rosen 

Dr. Lucy Freeman Sandler 

Mr. Richard C. Shadinger 

Ms. Dorothy Shepard 

Prof. Kathryn Smith 

Mr. Robert Smith, Jr. 

Prof. James Spates 

Prof. Peter Stansky 

Dr. Denny Stavros 

Mr. Stanley Stillman 

Mr. John Van Sickle 

Mr. Edward L. Widmer 

Mr. Joseph Wiesenfarth 

Mr. Louis Charles Willard 

Dr. Wendall Wilson 

Ms. Lindley Young 


Student/Young Professional ($25+) 

Ms. Heather Bryant 

Mr. Steven Melzer 



The E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation 

The Philip and Irene Toll Gage Foundation 

The Peck Stacpoole Foundation 


ATBL Transatlantic Fellowship Supporters 

Mr. Stephen Bury 

Dr. Christian Dupont 

Dr. Consuelo Dutschke 

Dr. Paul J. Erickson 

Ms. Cheryl Hurley 

Dr. Paula Krebs 

Ms. Elizabeth Opie Michell 

Ms. Catherine Morrison 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Ondricek 

Ms. Felicia Shapiro 

Ms. Merle Shapiro 

Ms. Tessa Smith 

Mr. William P. Stoneman 


Grants to the British Library 

Ms. Caroline Bacon 

Elizabeth A.R. and Ralph S. Brown, Jr. 

Mr. Richard P. Henke 

Mr. Arthur Holzheimer 

Prof. James Marrow and Dr. Emily Rose 

Mr. Robert McCarthy 

Ms. Judith Ogden Thomson 

Ms. Gwendolyn van Paasschen 



Gifts to the ATBL 

Ms. Martha Fleischman 

Mr. James Periconi (in honor of David N. Redden) 

Mr. Humphrey Taylor 


Gifts in-kind to the ATBL are always welcomed.

Please let us know if we have omitted your name or listed you incorrectly.

Updated April 29, 2022

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