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    The American Trust for the British Library is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to promote and support the work of one of the world’s greatest research libraries. The Trust was founded in 1979 and is supported through the generosity of its wide membership in the United States and the United Kingdom.
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2016 Donors

Chairman’s Council

Ms. Katherine Ashton and Mr. Brian D. Young
Ms. Caroline Bacon
Mr. Roger S. Baskes
Mr. R. Dyke Benjamin
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Brown
Mr. Patrick Donovan
Mr. Simon Eccles
Ms. Florence Fearrington
Ms. Sibyl R. Golden
Dr. Peter N. Heydon
Ms. Luci B. Johnson
Ms. Evalyn Lee
Mr. Jon A. Lindseth
Mr. Howard Phipps, Jr.
Mr. David N. Redden
Mrs. Ruth E. Robinson
Mrs. Jane Gregory Rubin
Dr. Caroline Rubinstein and Mr. Phillip Winegar
Mr. David Rumsey
Mr. James B. Sitrick
Mr. James P. Spica
Mr. Stephen Stamas
Mrs. Lisa von Clemm
Ms. Gwendolyn van Paasschen
Ms. Christine Zuromskis

President’s Circle

Ms. Virginia Barbato
Ms. Judith Ogden Thomson


Mrs. Catherine Morrison Golden
Mr. J. Kevin Graffagnino
Mr. Sumit Guha
Mr. Richard P. Henke
Mr. Arthur Holzheimer
Ms. Cheryl Hurley
Mr. Alistair Kirkpatrick
Ms. Patricia Klingenstein
Mr. Anthony Knerr
Ms. Ada Jung Lamont
Ms. Shaunagh Robbins
Ms. Mary Coxe Schlosser
Dr. Barbara A. Shailor
Mrs. Tessa Smith
Mr. David Solo
Mrs. Szilvia Szmuk-Tanenbaum
Mr. Winston Tabb
Ms. Susan Jaffe Tane
Mr. J. Thomas Touchton

Library Fellow 

Mr. Ronald R. Atkins
Ms. Lisa Baskin
Mr. Donald Best
Ms. Martine Brownley
Ms. Catherine Cox
Mr. and Mrs. James Coyne
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Cushman, Jr.
Prof. Robert DeMaria, Jr.
Mr. Stephen Foster
Ms. Dana Clay Gong
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Hallowell
Prof. Gillian Lindt
Dr. Janet Loengard
Mr. Andre Newburg and Ms. Susan Baring
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Ondricek
Mr. William S. Reese
Mr. David Alan Richards
Ms. Caroline Schimmel
Mr. Kenneth Soehner
Mr. Haym Soloveitchik
Mr. Thomas R. Trautmann
Mrs. Sue Ann Weinberg
Ms. Rosemarie Wyman 


Mr. Ronald E. Berenbeim
Ms. Heather Bryant
Mr. Martin J. Camargo
Mr. Giles Constable
Dr. Raymond J. Cormier, Sr.
Mr. Frank A. D’Accone
Ms. Eleanor S. Darcy
Ms. M. L. Davidson
Mr. William Dean
Dr. Martha W. Driver
Dr. Joyce E. East
Mr. and Mrs. John Entwistle
Ms. Susanna G. Fein and Mr. David Raybin
Mr. Peter Fergusson
Mr. Y. Bradford and Ms. A. Leslie Harris Fletcher
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Garrett
Ms. Ingrid Gordon
Dr. Dana Harrington
Ms. Anne Humphreys
Mrs. Ruth Karras
Mr. George Koppelman
Mr. Maurice Dupont Lee, Jr.
Ms. Katherine Leiser
Mr. Ronald A. Margulis
Mr. Stephen C. Massey
Ms. Eva Chou and Mr. Richard McCarrick
Ms. Elizabeth McCutcheon
Mr. James McGee
Mr. Martin Meisel
Prof. Howard A. Nenner
Mr. Robert Randolph Newlen
Dr. Eric W. Nye
Dr. Linda E. Olds
Mr. Frederick W. Pattison and Mr. Stephen T. Dimen
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Quale, Jr.
Mr. Richard C. Ramer
Mr. Robert C. Ritchie
Mr. Mark Samuels Lasner
Prof. Lucy Freeman Sandler
Mr. Richard C. Shadinger
Mr. Robert N. Shapiro
Ms. Dorothy Shepard
Prof. Kathryn Smith
Mr. and Mrs. E. Ward Smith
Mr. Robert Smith, Jr.
Mr. Walter E. Smith
Mr. Theodore M. Space
Mr. and Mrs. David Stam
Mr. Peter Stansky
Dr. Denny Stavros
Mr. Stanley Stillman
Ms. Heidi Stokes
Mr. Rathn Sundaralingam
Hon. John Train
Mrs. Susan Whyman
Mr. Joseph Wiesenfarth
Mr. Louis Charles Willard
Dr. Wendall Wilson
Ms. Lindley Young
Dr. and Mrs. Mathias Zahniser


Mr. Steve Kandell
Mr. H. Richard Schumacher

Foundations and Matching Gifts

Baskes Family Foundation
Caritas Foundation of Western Kansas
Golden Family Foundation
The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation
Holzheimer Fund
The Samuel H. Kress Foundation
The Mosaic Foundation
Pine Tree Foundation of New York
The Reed Foundation
The Michael and Louisa von Clemm Foundation

Gifts in-kind to the ATBL are always welcomed.

Please let us know if we have omitted your name or listed you incorrectly.

Updated May 2, 2017

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