Bequests & Memorials

Bequests & Memorials

The British Library continues to depend on the generosity of those who have researched its collections, visited its exhibitions, or otherwise availed themselves of the many services the Library offers—or who simply view the Library as one of the great cultural investments of our time.

Many of us build up a residual affection for the British Library and may wish to express this by way of a bequest or a designated memorial gift in honor of a departed friend of relative.

Please consider including a bequest for the ATBL in your will—knowing that in doing so you are helping to ensure the preservation of the world’s knowledge for the benefit of generations to come. If you are considering a Planned Gift, please talk with your lawyer and then contact us at

Whether your bequest is a general one or designated for a specific Library project, rest assured that the American Trust will honor your gift accordingly.

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