President’s Letter


R. Dyke Benjamin (center) with Baroness Blackstone and David Redden

Dear Friends,

As David Redden becomes Chairman of The American Trust for the British Library, and I assume the Presidency as well as remain Treasurer, the ATBL officers, Executive Director, Trustees, Chairman’s Council, and Advisory Council are enthusiastic about the continuing expansion of the ATBL’s mission which includes:

1) Providing financial and gift-in-kind support for The British Library’s collecting, preservation, and outreach activities.

2) Promoting transatlantic understanding through related events, lectures, and discussions in the USA and the UK.

While you will see the enactment of components of the ATBL mission in segments of this newsletter, I should like to provide “gloss” by saying that opportunities are compounding through: a growing knowledgeable ATBL membership base; increasingly close ATBL ties with the British Library; advances in digital scholarly communications; and expanding active ATBL/BL networking links with other learned institutions. As our organization’s sustainability will be dependent upon a blend of youth and veterans, the ATBL is exploring the possibility of sponsor aid for a British Library fellowship program consistent with the Bibliographical Society of America’s Young Scholars’ Program business model.

Your comments about the above initiatives, and your additional ideas, will be appreciated. For those readers who wish to join our collegial group, information about various ATBL membership categories are on our website.

With my appreciation and best wishes, I am,

R. Dyke Benjamin
President and Treasurer

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