Support the British Library!

Adopt your Favorite Book

Sponsor a Seat

Dedicate a Desk

Every day, the collection comes to life, right here in the British Library
Reading Rooms. A scientist has that lightbulb moment.
A researcher makes a discovery that changes how we
see the world. An entrepreneur builds the next step in
their business journey.

Your support helps the Library open up its exceptional
collection and share it with communities across the
world. With your support, the Library can expand its digital
collections. Undertake specialist conservation work.
Improve our physical spaces. Develop learning
programs for young people.

Make a lasting connection by adopting a book,
sponsoring a seat or dedicating a desk in one of the British Library’s
Reading Rooms.

Mark a special occasion, give a
unique present or make a memory. Whichever you
choose, you’ll be supporting vital work, sharing and
securing an invaluable collection for future generations.*

*Please note that, in order for your donation to be treated as tax-deductible, acknowledgements by the British Library will refer to it as a donation given by the American Trust for the British Library at the suggestion of the named donor(s).

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